Review of Chimera Among Us

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Hill’s The Function is Shifting, 2007, distributes four wire-legged constructions topped by bronze basket-like casts throughout the space.  Oblivious to one another, they stand on the ground like alien plant creatures.  At the far end of the room, her installation Tidal Reoccurrence, 2007, features a colony of pale ceramic barnacles whose seaweed sprays of black-brown recycled nails cling to the wall.  In both works, Hill’s transformation of recognizable elements into unexpectedly ambiguous creatures reinforces her assertion that “things are not always as they seem.”

In the next room, spiny recycled-nail anemones break away from one another in Hill’s Predictable Reaction Series, 2007.  Deceptively delicate, these symmetrically-arranged asymmetrical organisms cast patterns of linear shadows across the bare wall.  By contrast, her ceramic, steel, and mesh conglomeration Filtered Effects, 2007, resembles a cluster of three self-contained cells or spherical modules that barely open to the outside. 

Hill’s intimate wall installations provide an effective foil for Smith’s three large ceramic hybrids, which dominate this room.  Two human-sized forms, Khattam-Shud #1 and Khattam-Shud #2, 2007, resemble enlarged versions of the jointed tentacle forms of her Anatomy of Your Memory series,

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