Review of Chimera Among Us

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2007.  Here, she juxtaposes earthy brown glazes with bits of unglazed clay, recalling the bone-claws of smaller works.  The protruding clay fragments also resemble fragile fungus clinging to sections of a massive trunk while the tops taper and bend toward each other, imparting an animal quality to these hybrid creations.

Smith’s admiration for clay’s ability to take on any form is borne out by the unexpectedly light, feathery qualities of I Am Not a Role Model, 2007.  Attached to the wall at about four feet from the ground, its rounded body curves straight out and down to the floor where it coils like the tail of an enormous Persian cat.  Smith has even attached white synthetic fur to its underside.  Pink and white ceramic petals cover its top and sides like feathers, however, suggesting a cross between cat, bird, and flower.  As massive as the ponderous Khattam-Shud pieces, this work seems strangely delicate and decorative.

The four-part Chimera Watcher series, 2007, is dispersed throughout the exhibition as four dark-grey ceramic Chimeras perch like gargoyles atop the walls, watching the hybrid menagerie and spectators below.  These long-tailed faceless creatures sit like dogs, move like cats or monkeys, and adopt a

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