Review of Chimera Among Us

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distinctly human body language.  Though stealthy and perhaps sinister, Chimeras are also helpless and vulnerable, eliciting a strange combination of distance and empathy from us.  As such, the artist enlists them here to tackle the “uncomfortable edges” that separate people from creatures that are different.

One Chimera looks out glass doors to two pieces on the patio.  Hill’s Contour of an Observation, 2007, resembles a jester’s dancing legs upside down on the ground.  Seemingly created from corrugated, rusted steel drums, the work’s surface is punctuated with a lacey pattern of small holes and attached wire mesh that convey a whimsical lightheartedness.  You Mock My Pain, 2007, a collaboration between the two artists, concludes our journey through their hybrid menagerie.  This ceramic and steel form resembles an enormous armored shrimp with a ceramic burlap shell and steel-wire feelers.  Filled with fantastic transformations of familiar elements and materials into strange creatures, this exhibition incites us to reevaluate our preconceptions of the grotesque and the mythological. 

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